About us

Meet Noy and Harry, former owners of the Dutch Guesthouse in the heart of Chiang Mai. After running the big guesthouse inside the city they decided to get a more easy life and opened Aungkab Dutch Homestay. Less rooms and more fun!


Noi has a passion for cooking and baking. u can order any cake u want
and she runs her own cooking school whit all her heart.
She is very energytic in all she does. Her second passion is keeping the homestay as beautifull as possible … especialy the garden.


After a lifetime of hard work and paying too much tax Harry had enough of the western lifestyle and decided to move to Thailand to be with Noi. Because he didn’t want to wait untill the age of 67 to get some of his tax money back he needed to start a bussiness … Welcome to Aungkab Dutch Homestay 🙂

His main hobby is motorbikes … restaurate them, ride them and love them. His second hobby is entertaining and taking care of travellers. Because of his lifestyle he also speaks German, French, English and a bit Thai … and of course Dutch.


During the week Harry and Noi also take care of their granddaughter Suzy. Suzy is 6 years old, very social and speaks perfect English and Thai. She’s always full of energy and a big help for Harry.